How can wisdom of crowds do good?

Dumbledore’s vision is to create an argument-protocol
If human civilization survives, it is very likely we will invent an argument protocol. We are just trying to ensure that the protocol is managed with Goodness in mind, not for capitalism or communism. As one big challenge after the other gets tackled, we’ll steadily get closer to mapping all human knowledge. Given that knowledge is power, the argument protocol can be used to create global governance and individual freedom.
to fuel Knowledge Web
Knowledge Web is a term for a future Internet where all web-content and web-activity is interconnected with the collective human knowledge. The applications that could be built on-top of Wikipedia knowledge but never appeared to consumers are too many. We aim to change that, by breaking down Wikipedia claims to smaller units and connecting it to ex. to users online-reading experience. In terms of missing knowledge, the certainty of knowledge is most important. Wikipedia has digitalized & standardized much human knowledge, but it still remains to only a fraction.For example, truthfulness-metrics are integrated into any statement and personal data is fueling a personalized web-experience based on optimizing each single individual’s life-situation (beyond demographics & browsing history as of making today’s engagment-driven content-recommendations, to a paradigm of personal notes and personal philosophical preferences used for suggesting online content).
and Goodness religion
Doing good helps oneself and the bigger whole. However, it is hard to determine the net benefit of one’s action. Some actions one does might in fact harm. Also, the social structures of doing good aren’t too strong. There needs to be a way of signaling value based on doing good. Most importantly, the value one create shall be experienced by the individual. An argument protocol that determines Goodness of an individual’s actions will enable many second-order products to emerge, which can give rise to a Goodness religion.
. Currently we’re making product-roadmap
Definition: A product roadmap communicates direction and progress to internal teams and external stakeholders
Should we strive for an early implementable that proves our capacity, or solve tough problems of argument protocol straight ahead? Lean startup people argue do the lowest hanging fruit first. Other startup people argue do the toughest ecosystem-challenges first. What do you think?

in the emerging sector of networked-content
Products like Dynalist, Roam is recent innovation in the emerging sector, that will be needed to be further explored to solve things like fake news, filter bubbles and to hold people accountable to their claims. However, the sector of networked-content is old, as TheBrain has been around since 1999 and wiki-style content similiarly. What’s needed to build a scalable argument-protocol is big innovations in the storage format and user interfaces of text-content. This is Dumbledore’s current challenge.
, with products such as a notes-taking tool similar to Roam
Roam has taken the intellectual Internet with storm. Researchers, authors and knowledge workers across a variety of industries has preached #roamcult. Yet, Roam is capitalistic. Their vision & roadmap for next years isn’t to scale much beyond Evernote-scale. They are not the solution to Trump-phenomen or rise of China. We need bigger initatives to solve the biggest problems. Hopefully Roam can assist on this, by listening to community-pressure of becoming open-source.
, a content aggregator
Many people’s content-diet today are tenfolds worse than their food-diet. A big reason is because eating healthy is heavily researched and alternatives are easily available. Content diets are not. Most traditional newspapers has been forced to adapt sensationalism. To reverse this trend, a solution that makes it easy to digest content that fits one’s philosophy is needed. Imagine a mega-app (like Chinese WeChat) that brings all your social media combined with news, new knowledge and combine it with your personal notes & agenda. On top of that, all claims are screened to an argument protocol, ensuring you consume knowledge that help you and the collective.
or a debate platform
Which vaccinations are good to take? Is climate change made by mankind? Is Huawei a security-threat to democracies? Should resources be spent on climate-change or on space-exploration? Questions like needs more structured exploration. Using argument-mapping designs and scoring-metrics, we can map all relevant human knowledge of a topic.
. To not be corrupted by capitalism like other software-companies (ex. Facebook, Google), we make decisions based on Goodness and operate as a Capped Company under Conditional Open-Source.
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